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I installed Atom Fishing 2 a quite a while back and after I had installed it on Steam, I played it roughly an hour just to see what things were and you could do reason for only an hour was I wanted to check if it worked properly before I headed out to work, The next day or 2 when I came back to play it I launched it like I did previously but this time it asked me to enter a pin number which it did not ask me for anything of the sorts after I installed it and played it or the hour, Now I been trying everywhere to find out how to get a pin even checked all through steam sites everything, I just find it odd that I didn't have to set up an email and password and some how gt a pin number to be able to play it, I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if that would work but no such luck, So how do I set up an email password and get a pin that it is asking me for so I am able to play the game, to say the lease this has been very frustrating asking every 1 who plays it an people who made videos on YouTube for any advice on what I could do to get the game to play again, So can you please help me out here on how to be able to get your game running and working properly so I can at least enjoy it, Thank you for your time and hope that this can be resolved after waiting months now to be able to play until I found your forum by accident, did not no there was 1 well guess also since it is in Russian and I only understand English.


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от Хоас.
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Bearhunter13, please, tell me (Woolf) to steam about this problem.
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